EDIX Signor Merino sheepskin Barebackpad

€ 549,50


A ride in this barebackpad is a super comfy experience for the rider as well as for the horse. Equipped with on each side a pocket to bring some baggage along the ride and several D-rings to connect light equipment to bring along your trail ride. The leather handle on the front offers an easy way to transport your pad from your horse to the stable or your car. The lambskin is anti-bacterial, therapeutic, regulates heat and moisture, improves pressure distribution and prevents abrasion. The complete absence of rigid load-bearing parts in the EDIX BBP Signor allows the horse the move freely, especially the muscles of the horse’s back and shoulders. This enables  and at the same time refined communication between you and your horse.

The pad is made of a base of steady and strong foam quilted cotton and the upper seat and panel area ( underside pad, seat area), a detachable, though zippers, high-quality original Merino sheepskin. As a rider you find support en comfort true the high blocks and cantle of steady but flexible foam. On both sides of the spine there are 2 large pockets, which can be opened at the frontside of the pad by loosening the Velcro. Each pocket offers two rooms where a felt inlay and a 3 mesh inlay is fitted. On request and depending on the confirmation of your horses you can opt for thinner felt and 3 mesh 5.5 mm, or different kind of inlays. Equipped with both inserts combined with an optimally balanced position for the rider, an excellent pressure distribution is realised. There where a rider chooses to use the stirrups, during a ride, always beware of the intensity of use and check your horse and inlays after each ride for comfort and wear and tear. The stirrup attachment is made upon the position where the inlays are positioned in the pad. So the weight the rider is adding to the stirrups is spread over the several layers this pad has been built off. With as a last the natural Merino sheepskin with its 30 mm wool fibres effectively distribute the perspiration to the outside and make sure shocks are absorbed.
The Signor is fitted with D-rings, to connect the girth billets, which are connected to the PP Y girthing, providing the girth force to interact across a larger area of the barebackpad, as the PP strap are fastened towards the front and the back as opposed to in the middle.



Where the rider’s leg rubs while riding, a leather reinforcement is provided to prevent wear.

High-quality Merino wool is technically probably still one of the most advanced natural materials in the world. Because the complete fur lambskin is used instead of shaved and woven wool, the benefits of this natural material are optimally exploited. That is why we recommend that you use the barebackpad directly on the horse’s back without adding a cottons saddlepad.

The BBP Signor has, as all other EDIX merino saddlepads, a free spinal canal of short shaved fur,  developed in a way to reduce pressure points and to provide optimal protection for your horse’s spine.

For maintenance and washing instructions of the EDIX Merino sheepskin Barebackpad and other saddlepads, please refer to the EDIX  maintenance brochure.



  • strong foam quilted cotton base
  •  anatomically shaped and therefore very suitable as well for horses with a high wither
  • the abrasive part is reinforced with leather
  •  2 separate Velcro closable pockets offering room for 4 inlays
  •  supplied as standard with felt and 3 mesh inlays, optional other inlays on request
  • Detachable leather girthstraps, preferable short version, but optional longer straps
  •  merino sheepskin 30 mm
  • free spine due to shaved fur in the spine
  • machine washable
  • size S for riders have confection size EU 36-38, fit jeans 10-12 and size M for riders size EU 40-42 and fit jeans 12-14, approximately.

The EDIX Signor barebackpad can be made in all EDIX merino colours ask your dealer for the conditions. The EDIX BBP Signor is standard available in brown- brown, brown-capp., Black-brown, black-natural, Navy, Burgundy and in the size S or M.