Oakwood sued protector spraybottle 120ml

€ 9,95




The Oakwood protector repels all forms of moisture and oil contamination like an invisible shield and reples everyday grime from the treated surface. It offers complete protetion in an easy ans safe to use product. The product is in a handy spraybottle and is to be used on new sued articles or cleaned sued articles.

Using Oakwood’s leather care products will guarantee all your leather gear, will be kept in quality condition.​


Suitable for

  • Saddlery and tack
  • Harness gear
  • Shoes and boots
  • Jackets

How to use this product

Step 1; Spray onto the cleaned articles at a distance of 20 cm .

Step 2; Allow the article to dry naturally

If nessacary repeat application up to 3 times for best results, Do not soak teh articles!


The Perfect Finish Tip


Use a tooth brush or similar soft bristle brush to assist in cleaning hard to reach areas such as tooling or beneath straps and buckles that are difficult to remove.

Use Oakwood Suede Protector after cleaning to preserve and protect your leather.