EDIX hackamore classic

€ 269,00


The EDIX Hack-Q® shanks are designed as a horse friendly cue aid hackamore. Which are easy to be used by experienced  as well as starting riders, in all disciplines of horse riding.  Edix Hack-Q®  shanks are a brand new innovative  design with a completely different working mechanism,  with features of the English hackamore,  side-cue bridle and bosal in one.


The bridles are available in 2 models called the EDIX Hack-Q® classic and The EDIX Hack-Q® Jazz, they come in 3 sizes, cob, full and extra full. The bridles are produced in black and brown and come include matching reins. The EDIX Hack-Q® bridles are sold as complete bridle.

The EDIX Hack-Q® is designed and developed in corporation with Esther  Boekel.