EDIX kingekruist hoofdstel rose collectie

€ 169,50


The special headpiece is making sure the ears are free of pressure and the troatstrap is positioned so that the leathers stay away from the eyes. The headpiece and the nosepart are softly padded and oval shaped for comfort. The headpiece is adjustable with buckles.

Performance of the EDIX ED1, chin-cross bridle, the moment you put pressure on the reins, the pressure is only provided on the lower jaw, just behind the chin and slightly pressure on the nose of the horse. By asking the right or left rein, pressure comes on the opposide side of the horse’s head and due the other side is without this pressure, combined with your sit aids, your horse will bend in the requested direction.

When pressure is placed on both sides, the noseband closes, and the pressure only comes around the nose of the horse.

Due the shape of the cross-under straps, you will have a good release the moment you take of the pressure of your reins, allowing the noseband to open.


This beautifull new designed headpiece and all other refined positioned straps is making the EDIX ED1 cross-under bridle extremely stable around the head and has no tendency to turn or slide.


At EDIX we advise you to have your horses bridle without a browband! There is no need for a browband to have the bridle stay put and stable on your horse and by having your horses bridle without a browband, you are making sure here is no pressure behind the ears and on the Occipital bone.


Also we believe less is more and how beatifull is it too see more of your horses face without a browband?


The EDIX ED1 bridles are available in 4 colors and 3 sizes and comes included with refined leather reins.