EDIX woolfelt roundskirt pad

€ 249,26



These bright decorative finished felt saddlepads are made of an original high quality wool felt and the abressive part is made of sturdy cowleather.The pad is equipped with an EDIX 8- pocket system and is included with felt inlays for the top pockets. BUT as an expection in the EDIX assortment, where all inlays are included, in this pad there is no felt included for the long inlays. (So the shims of felt for the toppockets are included!) We advise if needed to oder along this pad an inlay of thick(20mm) or thin (5,5mm) 3 mesh. The saddlepad distributes saddlepressure already due it is made of wool felt. Using another material of inlay will enhance the pressure distribution significantly. Also will 3 mesh make sure there is an airflow underneath the saddle.

The EDIX Merino Roundskirt pad is suitable for several brands of treeless as well as traditional tree saddles.

Traditional sheep wool felting is one of the oldest textile techniques, which prevailed until humans eventually learned to weave textiles. Although dozens of new textiles, including synthetics, have emerged through the ages, natural wool felt is especially relevant today as an organic and nature friendly material.

​This is a 100% biodegradable and renewable resource, as sheep wool grows back in a year!

For the EDIX saddlepad production ​we have chosen 100% natural, premium quality Merino wool felt made in Australia. Merino sheep are prized for their fine fur and considered to have the highest quality wool. Felt made of this material is distinguished by softness and durability. It is water, soil and flame resistant, doesn’t crease, stretch or lint and is making sure the pressure of the rider is perfectly  spread over the whole surface.

The pads are produced in 6 different designs and we have a hackmore bridle made of Argentin leather, with matching nosebands made of handbraided beats simular to the design of the topfabrics of this saddlepad. Also there will be matching cantle Bags .These pads are a perfect alternative for the EDIX merino sheepskin roundskirtpads, as they help to prevent sliding on very round horses.

How to take care for your EDIX wool felt saddlepad:

  • Dried  sweat can be easily removed with the included brush
  • Small stains can be gently handwashed with soap and cleaned with a brush under running water;
  • Dry in a natural environment. Don’t dry directly on any source of heat and don’t expose to direct sunlight;
  • Do not wash in a washing machine, don’t put in a dryer and don’t iron;
  • For the maintenance of leather abbrassive part, we advise to use the Oakwood leather conditioner.

The advantages of natural felt:

  • Natural wool felt is an organic, environmentally friendly material – 100% biodegradable and renewable.
  • Natural felt is soft, cosy and pleasant to touch.
  • It is lint, stretch, discolouration and flame resistant;
  • Lanolin, the natural wool-fat, makes the  felt resistant to moisture and soiling. Drops of water simple drop off the material without being absorbed. The dirt doesn’t penetrate inside and may be brushed off with ease
  • Due to antibacterial characteristics wool is resistant to mould and environmental odours.